San Antonio Beach Girl


Apartment overlooking the bay of San Antonio, Ibiza. Available for holiday rentals.



This is a one bedroom apartment on the top (3rd) floor of a residential complex, right next to Playa Pinet, the nicest beach in San Antonio bay.

It has a large balcony looking out over the bay across to the town of San Antonio, which can be reached by a small ferry outside, or by walking around the bay.

The apartments at Cala Pinet share a swimming pool.

Bars and restaurants are plentiful nearby, while the peace of the beach is only a minute away.

San Antonio Bay view from apartment at Cala Pinet
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Apartments in Ibiza are hard to come by for holiday rentals in the summer season. Try to book early, and if you are considering visiting Ibiza in August, don't be surprised if most accommodation is booked out well in advance. Find out about renting this apartment

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